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Diversify your investments by investing in Private Loans

Grow your wealth with High Yield - Backed by Real Estate

We make residential and commercial loans from $50,000 to $5,000,000 and provide interests (participations) in these loans to our investors.


These investments offer the following benefits:

  • High Returns (generally between 7.5-12%)

  • Short-term Term Time Frames (usually 1-3 yrs,)

  • Conservative Equity positions (generally 30-40%)

  • Secured by Real Estate (1st or 2nd liens)

  • Steady Monthly Income!


Each loan is presented to our investors in our Loan Offering Package. The investor receives:

  • Loan Application

  • Credit Report

  • Note and Deed of Trust

  • Appraisal Value Analysis

  • Closing Settlement Statement

  • Title Insurance Report

  • Evidence of Casualty Insurance

  • Financial Statements (if applicable)

Contact us for more information about investment opportunities.
Knowledge & Experience of the Firm
Knowledge and Experience of the Firm

We have over 25 years of experience in the Real Estate financing industry and Private Money lending.  Our investor base extends from retired individuals, passive income investors such as doctors, dentists and lawyers and professional investors looking to diversify their investments.  Pension Plans, IRA’s, and Retirement Accounts are available ways for investors to invest in our Trust Deed Offerings. Annual returns range from 7.5%-12.00% depending on the individual profile.

Security Instrument & Equity Position
Collateral & Equity Position

We provide Private Loans on Single Family Residence, Office, Retail, Mixed Use, Apartment buildings and  Industrial properties.  Each investment is appraised by independent appraiser or valued by comparable analysis, depending on the transaction.   Private Money Loan / amount of investment is based on the amount of equity in a property, also known as the Loan to Value ratio (LTV).  We require a minimum amount of equity, no less than 30%.   Case by case we make exceptions which is base on the value added feature of the investment and/or the property.

The lower the loan-to-value ratio and the greater the borrower’s equity, the more incentive for the borrower to protect the equity in the Property (i.e., sell or refinance the Property if unable to make payments under your promissory note) or for a third-party bidder to purchase the Property at a foreclosure sale. 

Documentation and Closing
Documentation and Closing

The investment is secured by Deed of Trust which is recorded against the property and a Promissory Note Securing a Deed of Trust on the property that is being used as collateral.  Every investment is implemented by licensed independent Escrow and Title company.  Our extensive research and review process ensures the safety and the accuracy of the information presented to the investors.

The following conditions must be met:​

  • Property Appraisal and/or Inspection.

  • A complete Title search to for any judgments or liens that may be outstanding.

  • All senior liens MUST be brought up to date directly through escrow.

  • All outstanding property taxes MUST be paid directly through escrow.

  • Any liens or judgments against the title MUST be paid directly through escrow.

  • Property insurance must be in place for minimum of 12 months.

  • A full policy of Title Insurance MUST be issued at closing.

  • All these conditions must be satisfied for a loan to be funded and then closed.

Loan Servicing & Recovery of Investment
Loan Servicing & Recovery of Investment

Once the loan closes it is imperative that it is serviced properly. Checking on Senior Liens, making sure the property insurance is in place and that property taxes are current are just a few of the things that a servicer handles on each loan.  We have a professional and licensed Loan Servicing company handling all for our investors.  Should there be need for Trustee services in an even of a default to administer the sale and distribution of proceeds the loan servicing handles it from A to Z.  

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