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With so many issues at stake, domestic and global, this has been the most unstable and hollow elections we have ever seen for a long time. Housing is in every American’s mind now days and nothing is more important to the health of the housing market than the mortgage industry. So which candidate is better for housing industry? Each candidate has expressed different priority when it comes to housing market. Clinton has been little more vocal about her intention, which is affordable housing. I believe this will include making mortgages cheaper, lowering Fannie & Freddie fees, reducing mortgage insurance on FHA loans etc. Trump’s economy growth plan is through his anti-regulation stance. Meaning that he will ease the Dodd-Frank regulations, which has tempered the growth of mortgage industry. I believe both plans, if implemented correctly will help the housing market tremendously. Correctly is the key here, because if Clinton’s plan makes mortgages cheaper but forgets about the other big parts such as credit requirements and underwriting standards, then it will not make much difference. Same as Trump, just by deregulating the we will see an immediate impact but the long-term effects can be damaging. Flexibility to underwriting guidelines and reform to regulations will be the key. November 8th, You decide!

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